Resounding Truth (eBook)

A musician's apologetic journey to discover the fullness of the Catholic faith

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In Resounding Truth, musician and songwriter Chris Bray relates his exhilarating journey of coming to know the fullness of the Catholic faith. Through his career as a performer in the Christian music industry, Bray shares how his interactions with non-Catholics helped to answer his doubts about the faith and gave him the apologetic knowledge to defend it. With real-life conversations, excerpts from Scripture and quotes from the early Church Fathers, he overviews how to share the faith effectively through love, as we strive to journey with others toward the fullness of truth.

What others are saying...

Fr. James Mallon

“Chris Bray is passionate about Jesus, his faith, his family, his music and life in general. This passion jumps out of every page of ‘Resounding Truth’ and it is contagious. His musical calling has placed him on the frontline of answering many questions and engaging in much dialogue with other Christians. This book is a treasure trove of the wisdom and insight he has gleaned over the years”

Dr. Ralph Martin

“Chris Bray is a talented, dynamic young Catholic whose story is inspiring. A real example of the New Evangelization that St. John Paul II hoped would blossom. His book will lift you up”

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